Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Hypocrisy Of Christian Leaders

Lately I've seen posts sharing the letters, sent to President Trump, of 'Christian Leaders' showing "Concern" over President's TEMPORARY halt of immigration until a proper 'Vetting' system can be found. These 'Christian Leaders' start by giving platitudes and lip service on why our country needs to be secured and a proper 'Vetting', then start showing their concern over the immigrants and eventually end with concern over the Illegal Aliens already in this country. I agree with most of what's said. My problem, as a Christian, is the hypocrisy of these 'Christian Leaders'. 

Where were the letters of 'Concern' to President Obama when he did exactly the same thing in 2011? Show me their letters of 'Concern' to President Obama when Christians, making up around 13-14% in the affected area of the middle east, only were allowed into this country at a 1-2% rate? Show me their letters of 'Concern' asking President Obama to intervene in the ISIS mass slaughter of Christians in Iraq and Syria? 

My problem with these 'Christian Leaders' is their selective 'CONCERN' over the last 8 years, 'Christian Leaders' and most 'Christian' churches in this country, have been a NO SHOW, in a STAND DOWN mode to the abuses of the last 8 years and now they see a need to be 'Concerned'? Total Hypocrisy!! 

The only 'Christian Leader' who has consistently spoken out over the last 8 years has been Franklin Graham. God Bless Him!!

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