Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Grab Some Popcorn, Your Favorite Beverage, Sit Back and Watch the Left Show How Insane They Really Are!

Nancy Pelosi Caught On Hot Mic: ‘Tell Them You’re A Muslim’ [VIDEO]

‘More Extreme than Justice Scalia’ — Left-wing Activists Sound the Alarm Over Gorsuch

Democrats: Trump ‘Stole’ Neil Gorsuch Seat from Obama

Pelosi: Gorsuch Is Bad If You ‘Breathe Air, Drink Water, Eat Food, Take Medicine,’ Trump Picked Him to Distract from EO

Whoopi: Are the Trump Administration Values ‘Really Much Different than the Taliban’s’?

Madeleine Albright: There Are Tears in the Eyes of the Statue of Liberty

Kaine: Democrats Have to ‘Fight in the Streets’ Against Trump